Lippert Welding Patented Components


Serial Number
Multi-diaphragm speaker driven by multiple voice coil plates and a shared permanent magnet pairUSALicensed patent11,044,562
Cantilever tableEuropean UnionLippert patent0150011150001
Awning connector assemblyUSALippert patent11,458,820
Cable-operated slide-out actuatorHong KongLippert patent40025748
Bidirectional speaker using bar magnetsUSALicensed patent10,743,097
Cantilever tableEuropean UnionLippert patent0150011150002
Cantilever tableEuropean UnionLippert patent0150011150003
Bolt assembly for spring hanger systemUSALippert patent11,485,183
Adaptive trailer oscillation detection and stability controlUSALippert patent11,524,663
A table for means of transportEuropeLippert patent3898324
Battery boxUSALippert patentD967,757
Motor stop for a through frame slide out systemUSALippert patent11,499,610
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