Truck and travel trailer equipped with an trailer ABS driving through snow

Trailer ABS by Lippert

Industry-First Standard ABS for Towable Trailers

Lippert Trailer ABS Unit Anti-Lock Brake System

Lippert ABS Review by Josh the RV Nerd

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Lippert Scouts Georgie & Michael Renberg
Georgie & Michael Renberg

"I was amazed that the trailer was not going anywhere. Many times, I have had to panic stop, and looking to see where that trailer is going. With this system you don’t even have to worry about it."

Lippert Scout Steven Cook
Steven Cook

"This should be standard on all trailer like tow chains and everything else with campers & trailers. It amazes me in the last decade that on one else has done this."

Lippert Scout Doug Horn
Doug Horn

"You don’t manage anything different, just drive the truck. Its seamless you would not know you had it, until you needed it. Just keep it simple, simple things don’t break, they work. This is the solution that I am impressed with."

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Truck towing a trailer that is not equipped with Lippert trailer ABS

Lippert Cares About Safety

Thoroughly Tested in the Real World

Lippert ABS

Additional Lippert ABS Features

Lippert Engineer with Anti-lock braking system module
OneControl App RV Smart Control Technology

OneControl® Compatible

Integrated True Course™ Anti-Sway Technology

True Course Electronic Trailer Sway Control Module


Anti-Lock Braking System Sell Sheet
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Trailer ABS Documentation & Resources

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