Somnum Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa Bed for Hotels

Somnum Hospitality Tri-Fold Sofa

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A New Flip on the Hotel Sleeper Sofa

The Somnum hotel tri-fold sofa is the ultimate in secondary sleep solutions. Your guests can relax and rest easily with a comfortable, stylish hotel sofa bed that converts from a cozy couch into a supportive, all-foam sleeping surface.

The patented tri-fold design was developed with comfort in mind, as there are no cross bars and no flimsy spring coils to interrupt sleep, as is typical with clunky, old hide-a-beds.

Versatile, Comfortable & Designed for Hospitality

Somnum Tri-Fold Sofa with Ottoman for Hotels
Sofa Features
Somnum Tri-Fold Sleeper for Hotels
Sleeper Features

Converts from Comfortable Sofa to Supportive Sleep Solution in 3 Easy Steps

Lifting Base of the Somnum Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa for Hotels
Step 1: Lift Base
Dropping Support Legs of the Somnum Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa for Hotels
Step 2: Drop Supports
Folding Back Rest of the Somnum Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa for Hotels
Step 3: Fold Back Rest

How to Open Tri-fold Sleep Sofa Video

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4 Available Size Configurations with a 74” Sleeping Length

Somnum Tri-Fold Single IllustrationSomnum Tri-Fold Full IllustrationSomnum Tri-Fold Queen Short IllustrationSomnum Tri-Fold King Short IllustrationSomnum Tri-Fold Sleeping LengthSomnum Tri-Fold Otto-Chaise Illustration
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