Lippert UWS tool boxes and transfer tanks add robust utility to your truck and allow you to carry important tools and gear in your truck.

A Tool Box & Transfer Tank Manufacturer

Purpose-Built for People That Perform Tough Jobs

A Lippert brand, UWS is a leading truck tool box manufacturer that offers top-quality tool boxes designed to meet the needs of hard-working truck owners. Our premium tool boxes are engineered from aluminum to fit virtually all trucks on the road today, and we also offer transfer tanks, utility chests and other specialty storage boxes.

With our products, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality and durability in the market. Choose Lippert and UWS for all your truck tool box needs and experience the difference in design and quality.

UWS Crossover Boxes are the perfect way to store tools and gear in the bed of your truck safely and securely.
Crossover Boxes
UWS Side-Mount Boxes are perfect for mounting above your bed rails and a great for storing tools and gear.
Side-Mount Boxes
UWS Utility Chests are perfect way to have a chest in the bed of your truck for tools and gear.
Utility Chests
UWS transfer tanks turn your truck bed into a fluid transfer station for easily fueling and transferring important fuels on the ranch.
Transfer Tanks
Drawer boxes turn your truck bed into a fully organized tool box with slid-out drawers. Perfect for storing tools.
Drawer Boxes
ATV & UTV Boxes are perfect for mounting on a recreation vehicle to store tools, gear and cargo with you when on the trail.
ATV & UTV Boxes
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