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T. J. Snuggles Is Now Lippert

Designed with the Utmost Care and Precision

For over five decades, T. J. Snuggles has been the trusted manufacturer of high-quality camper tents and sewn solutions for both the RV and hospitality industries. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, T. J. Snuggles has earned a reputation for delivering products that are durable, reliable and cost-effective. Whether you serve seasoned travelers or hospitality professionals, trust T. J. Snuggles to provide you with the best sewn solutions on the market.

In May 2022, T. J. Snuggles joined the Lippert family!

T. J. Snuggles is an American success story steeped in the tradition of excellent customer service and dedicated to manufacturing the finest products available to the consumer. Our quality is second to none, and our longevity in an ever-changing marketplace is a clear testament for the products we create.

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