Girard specialty awnings

Girard Specialty Vehicle Awnings

Versatile Solutions for Specialty Vehicles

Girard awnings get put to work on a variety of specialty vehicles, service vehicles and more, providing functional shade. Whether you want your company logo displayed in big, bold colors or you simply need protection for your employees for enhanced comfort and safety on the job, Girard offers a variety of styles and functions.

Our Nova II and G-2000 systems are commonly installed on specialty vehicles, while our GG 750 awnings are ideal over rear entrances, exit doors and ramps.

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Give Your Team the Finest Protection Available

Girard specially designs awnings for class A motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels.

Ideal for Many Types of Service Vehicles

Public Response Vehicles

Girard makes specialty vehicle awnings for catering vehicles, racing trailers, horse trailers and emergency service vehicles. Girard awnings are perfect for marketing and promotional vehicles and special events.

Private Promotional Vehicles

Public & Private Service Vehicles

Girard makes specialty awnings for travel trailers and class C RVs.

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