The Girard Low-Profile Dual-Pitched RV Awning

Girard Vision Dual-Pitched RV Awning

Tailored Sun Protection

The Girard low-profile Vision awning is dual-pitched with a maximum pitch that allows it to extend over the slide-out, then pitches again for maximum shade. It provides protection from the sun at the touch of a button.The Vision awning is built to your specifications with the highest quality materials available to ensure the greatest product durability.

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Vision Features:

Standard motor that operates with a wireless motor controller or a wireless motor for your RV awning.

Vision Awning Options Include:

The Girard Vision Electronic RV awning includes automation controls to ensure proper closing at all times.
The Girard Vision RV awning features electrical and mechanical features that make opening and closing your RV awning easy.

Vision Mechanical and Electronic Systems

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