Girard home awnings

Girard Home Awnings

Premium Home Awnings

Girard is known for innovative product designs, superior quality and first-class customer service. Our home awnings are made with modern fabrics to be long-lasting, vibrant, easy to clean, super-strong and flame-retardant. We also utilize frame materials that feature high strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion resistance. The proper combination of these properties results in safe, durable and beautiful awnings that enhance any outdoor living space.

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The benefits of a Girard home awning go far beyond aesthetic appeal. It’s true that awnings can enhance the look of a residence and comfort

Functional Shade Solutions for Homeowners

Benefits of Girard Home Awnings

Girard home awnings provide energy savings and protect your investments, including furniture, floors and drapes.
Girard home shade solutions or home awnings offer instant energy savings and can cut your home cooling costs by up to 25.

Girard Awnings Keep You Cool

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